A Skin For Dancing In


Genre:  Blackened Death Metal, Progressive, Thrash

Status:  Concluded

Years Active:  2010 – 2013

Sean “Murph” Murphy – Voice
Michael LeJeune – Guitars
Alan Escher – Guitars
Chris Willette – Bass
Michael Schmidt – Drums

Releases (click to find):

(self-titled) ● demo, 2013

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The Son of Mourning line-up had no desire to quit making music, even in its final days.  With a new vocalist in Murph, they were ready to take a new direction toward something darker. More progressive.  Blackened.

A Skin For Dancing In’s short run included a smattering of well-received shows, and a single recording. Great, high-energy songs like The Push and Wendigo are lost to the sands of time, but three key tracks are trapped in the band’s sole demo:  Willing Servant of Evil, A Promise of War, and Inseminate Divine.

The recording does not capture the strength in these songs adequately enough, in my opinion. The band did very well and it saddens me that their musical accomplishments will go mostly unappreciated.  I hope to one day return to some of this material and continue finding ways to get it into a solid, listenable recorded format.  The project is highly akin to my other, sometimes-active project, Enantiodrome (ASFDI even played some of the same material for a time).

You can listen to A Skin For Dancing In at the Reverbnation page.  Additionally, the tracks are available at the Enantiodrome Bandcamp.