Genre:  Progressive Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Thrash

Status:  Inactive

Years Active:  2013 – 2016

Craig Evans – Voice
Michael Lejeune – Guitar, Bass, Keys
Michael Schmidt – Drums, Percussion

Releases (click to find):

(self-titled) ● EP, released 2016

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After A Skin For Dancing In dissolved, Mike and I decided to work together on a “basement project” consisting of material intended for a record rather than live performance.  To date, this would be some of the most esoteric art we would create together.

Choosing three compositions I’d written:  Eviscurbate, Enantiodrome, and a track that had seen some stage time with prior projects, Watchers of the Sky, we set about finding a vocalist and hammering out the arrangements for a twenty-minute EP.  Music instructor and audiophile Craig Evans joined us to take on vocal duties.

The work was slow, but special attention was paid to detail.  The quality control limit was set high, always with the recording in mind.  When it came time to record, the drums were handled by Brett Portzer, a local recording guru.  I performed the rest of the recording at Biscuit Bend Studio.  This was a great learning experience for me on my journey as a recording engineer.  Prior to this, the only other large recording project performed at Biscuit Bend was the first Mother’s Mistakes record.

I acquired an old version of Photoshop and taught myself to use it well enough to do some basic designs around this time, with the aim of creating cover art for this EP and the first Orphic Elegy and Nil Significant albums.  I also started my publishing company, Quadrivalent, for these and future works.

By the time the disk reproduction was finished, Mike and I were already at work in Outnumber the Living, re-embracing our love for performing live and the same upbeat, in-your-face feel that Son of Mourning captured.  Much more material exists for Enantiodrome, and I expect it to return, perhaps in a new line up.

In the meantime, get your hands on this EP.  You can listen and download for free at the Bandcamp page (link above), and order a hardcopy in a slim jewel case for your very own on the super cheap.

Our former blackened progressive metal band A Skin For Dancing In is a direct predecessor to Enantiodrome and musically very similar.  Digital downloads of the Enantiodrome EP will include the ASFDI tracks for free.  And of course if you toss in the extra few bucks to get the hard CD, you will receive the complete Enantio/ASFDI download as well.