Mother’s Mistakes


Genre:  Rock, Progressive Rock

Status:  Concluded

Years Active:  2013 – 2019

Michael LeJeune – Voice, Guitars, Keys, Sampling, Drum Programming
Frank Schoonbeck – Voice, Bass, Keys, Sampling

Releases (click to find):

(self-titled) ● LP, released 2013

Seldom Reached and Never Kept ● LP, released 2018

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Some time after the original incarnation of Daybloom came to a close, Frank and I decided to continue working together on something new, in the vein of progressive rock, a genre he and I had learned we shared a love for.  We set up in Frank’s basement and went to work.  The result was so encouraging, we excitedly bounded forward with the project and released two full length LPs during the run of the project.

Fans of Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and classic prog bands like Yes, Camel, ELP, and King Crimson will find something they like in Mother’s Mistakes.

The first album, self-titled, is comprised of songs that each of us brought to the table before meeting.  We spent much time performing them, to hone and shore up loose edges, as well as add our own flair to each other’s pieces.  They stand out deeply from one to the next, spanning genres and incorporating contrasting interludes that create an expansive feel across the album’s eleven tracks.  The progressive element sometimes takes a backseat to pop sensibility or hard rock groove, but comes sneaking back in just when needed.  The album dropped in 2013 and experienced a limited local distribution.

For the second record, Seldom Reached and Never Kept, the two of us elected to compose each of the songs together, as we recorded them, rather than bringing completed pieces and adapting to each other’s finished work.  The vocal duties, split between songs on the first record, are combined in each song to make a more unified feel album-wide.  The progressive elements are far more present than in the first record, and the genres that influence us make their appearances in smaller musical elements rather than whole songs.

Mother’s Mistakes concluded its run in Fall of 2020 with the passing of my dear friend, Frank.  Though we had spent more than a year composing a third album, Naked, it was abandoned in favor of releasing its two halves separately, as the two were very little alike.  More about this at the Orphic Elegy page.  Frank’s part of this project did complete, and is available on request.

You can stream audio from either album at the Mother’s Mistakes Bandcamp site (link above).  If you like what you hear, consider purchasing a hard copy.  Buyers of the first album will receive the re-issue with new art and packaging.  Buyers of Seldom Reached and Never Kept will receive a free first-issue copy of the first record along with it.