Son of Mourning


Genre:  Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Thrash

Status:  Concluded

Years Active:  2004 – 2009

Erik Van Dyke – Voice (demo)
Greg Rossettini – Voice (EP)
Michael LeJeune – Guitars
Alan Escher – Guitars
Paul Wilson – Bass
Michael Schmidt – Drums

Releases (click to find):

…And Ice ● demo, released 2004/2005

In The Tameness of a Wolf ● EP, released 2007/re-released with demo + extras 2017

“…vicious melodeath that never fails to excite…a visceral listen.”

“…a quite energetic version of the grey area where European melodic death metal meets American metalcore…every song is packed with enough melody and riffage to make you bang your head…”

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I moved to Albany, New York in January of 2004, ready to find some new musical partners. I had my trusty Jackson Rhoads, a Crate Blue Voodoo in horrible shape, and lots of motivation.

The line-up came together quick, and we were playing shows soon after forming. Erik left the group after a time, and Greg filled the shoes well, bringing tons of energy and stage presence.  Son of Mourning played a lot of shows in its time, and shared the stage with some big names, like Skinless, All That Remains, Crisis, Cryptopsy, and more.  The group’s brand of melodic death metal was catchy, fierce, and driving.

Before the group’s demise, two disks were produced: the three-song demo, titled …And Ice, and an EP called In The Tameness of a Wolf.  They were positively received, garnering praise from metal reviewers, promoters, and fans alike.

Three members of Son of Mourning later formed Albany-based metal band Outnumber the Living, and the style of music is similar.  Check out the OtL page.

The Son of Mourning limited edition EP is available for purchase at the band’s Bandcamp page (link above).  There’s more than half an hour of music on the disk.  However, there are bonuses!  You will also receive a digital download of the album and the band’s pro studio quality demo tracks along with it, making an LP’s worth of material.  The digital download of the album is free, but if you go the extra mile and order the CD you’ll also receive a free Son of Mourning t-shirt. They make stylish baby diapers, fire kindling, or a shirt for a wrestler to tear out of.