Telepathic Link


Stephen King says, “What is writing? Writing is telepathy.”

And he’s right. If I write that the shiny black bat donned a tiny green canvas fishing hat, and plucked minnows from the pond with a tiny rod and reel, what do you think of?

I make telepathic links a bit more detailed than this, and I invite you to try out a few.

My name is Michael LeJeune, and I am a musician and an author, and some other things.  This is the place to learn about the creative stuff I do.  Here for Quadrivalent Records?  Click here.

Read the back cover of my novel. It’s available for your Kindle for $2.99 (free if you have Kindle Unlimited), or in paperback for a bit more, here at my Amazon Page.  Also available:  Shame the Devil Audiobook!  Check out a sample here.

I’ve composed short fiction for a number of online publications, and a collection will be published in 2021.  For a sample of my style, check out Misfortune 500, where I have written very short horror stories to go with random pictures.  Go on, it’ll take, like, no time at all.  Check out this one, it’s about bacon!

If that tickled your fancy (I do like tickling fancies), be sure to check back and snag a copy of Dreams of Day-Sky Eyes when it drops!  If you sign up to my blog via the menu dropdown, I’ll remind ya 😉

For a sample (or maybe several samples) of my music, head to the Music page and find a project you’d like to check out.  Not sure where to start?  Make sure your sound is on or your earbuds are in, go to this page and hit the play button.

Read more about me (and see lovely pictures), or head to The Latest to read my blog.  I freewrite to this blog, so there’s no telling what you’ll find.  Updates on my work for certain, but also various musings and nonsense.

Sign up to receive my blog in your email via the dropdown menu.  I post pretty rarely, so your inbox won’t be cluttered with my stuff, I promise.  Besides, deleting junk email is a satisfying feeling, isn’t it?  Well, I’d like to contribute to your enjoyment.  Help me help you.  And if at any time you would like to be removed from the notifications list, there’s a link in the emails themselves.