Dreams of Day-Sky Eyes

Originally published in small press and online magazines, Michael Lejeune’s tales have inspired fright and awe in hearts worldwide for over a decade. For the first time, his works are collected in a remarkable one-volume edition. DREAMS OF DAY-SKY EYES showcases sixteen tales of bizarre horror, spanning thought-provoking territories both grotesque and terrifying.

A criminal seeking freedom is nailed into a pine crate with a corpse being shipped overseas, but his traveling companion is not as peaceful as expected, in Three Days With Harold. A self-help guru leads his class to the beach to meditate, only to learn a hard lesson himself when he is bitten by a venomous octopus and enters a neurotic nightmare when he finds, to his surprise, one of his students, in The Octopus, The Girl, and a Curious Case of Accidental Enlightenment. A strapping youngster of questionable sanity joins a trek of fellow hermits to the brooding place of the Easter Bunny–or rather, the legend on which the creature is based–to destroy the troubling egg it has laid, in the novella The Keeper of Snow’s End.

“Dreams of Day-Sky Eyes is an intelligently crafted, disturbingly brilliant collection that delves deep into the tangled depths of the macabre and supernatural.”

-Rose Auburn Books

“Lejeune writes with a flair that will suit many modern horror fans, straddling the line between down and dirty splatterpunk and the more literary thrillers…”

-Snakebite Horror

Before and after SHAME THE DEVIL was published, I composed tales of horror with an aim not just to entertain, but to disturb the hearts of my readers.  This originality was welcomed in small press publications worldwide, where more than half these stories were featured prominently.  This collection contains sixteen works, most published elsewhere first and some appearing in print for the first time.  Enjoy these midnight snacks for your mind well after dark, just before you depart for dreams.

You can download DREAMS OF DAY-SKY EYES in e-book format for your Kindle or other device, or get a paperback sent right to your door.  Click here to visit the Amazon page.

NoSleep Podcast created an audio drama adaptation of “Three Days With Harold”. Listen to it here: https://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/episodes/s19/19×10


An audiobook version is available, narrated by yours truly. Grab it here.

“There’s something about hearing the author read their own work. It’s more provocative, because it’s almost like you’re hearing first-hand account of the horror in their head.”

-Anonymous Test Listener

Listen to a sample here.