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Fresh Ear Candy for Your Hungry Head

Greetings everyone. Fond salutations. Fervent civilities.  And Happy National Mayonnaise Day.

I’m beaming to you today, in the midst of lockdown, direct from Biscuit Bend Studio in the capital region of New York. And I bring ear candy to spice up your day!

Outnumber the Living has finally released its debut album, Elegies for Solaris. It dropped just this morning and is available on dozens of platforms, just like all the other Quadrivalent/Biscuit Bend productions. And just like them, it is completely FREE at the Bandcamp site.

For now, there are no hard copies available. It is stream/download only and will stay that way as long as feasible. Get your copy now and share it with your friends!

Outnumber the Living @ Bandcamp


Stay safe, everyone. And let your creative side out. There’s never a time like now!

Touchin’ Stuff

I like touchin’ stuff.  Do you?

I remember the first time I touched a bass guitar with the intent to use it.  I was twelve.  Nothing I did sounded good, and the songs I was learning were ones I didn’t like much.  But there was a complete sensory experience involved in having the instrument strapped to me, and laying my hands on it.  The weight of it.  The finished wood of the neck.  The strum in the amplifier.  The smell of metal on my fingers.

It is intoxicating; the experience of interfacing with a reality that holds a potential for you.  Linking with a corporeal present that you could bend into the shape of an as yet impossible future.

I wrote about this in my log cabin chronicles this week.  You can check it out here.