Which Video Nails the Feel?

In 2016, Enantiodrome completed their three-song EP of genre-bending extreme metal, with influences including well-loved metal giants like Opeth, Enslaved, and Gorguts, and lesser-known favorites like Akercocke, Krallice, Altar of Plagues, and more. The members called it blackened progressive death, and if a metal descriptor with that level of granularity means something to you, there is likely something you’ll enjoy in their music.

Despite the nearly absent promotion of this EP, Quadrivalent Records has received some inquiries about it from a well-known European record label and promotion outfit. But until Enantiodrome converges again to continue exploring their particular vision, the only place to find their works will be right here at QRV.

In response to positive feedback about the emotional arc of the song, “Eviscurbate”, the band has worked with talented artists to pair it with not one but two unique visual art pieces. Which do you think best embodies the song’s flow, feel, and character?

Version 1

Version 2

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