QRV Gets a New Home

Microphones neatly seated in their protective cases, monitors lovingly wrapped in foam and stuffed into milk crates, and racks sealed up in their tolex-on-wood cabinets, Quadrivalent Records has packed its van and lovingly bids farewell to The Octopode.  Microphone cables trailing, shedding a tear while looking one last time into the rearview mirror, the trek is undertaken to a brand new home:


The Octopode was launched in 2012 to serve as a hub for my authorial works, and along the way it became a place for me to expound upon lessons learned in life and other projects.  In February 2021, QRV became a legal entity and a real thing, and needed a home on the web.  So they shared some space for a while.  But the label has done well, and with its expansion it became clear that it needed its own home.

So if you follow The Octopode to receive QRV artist updates, I humbly ask that you visit the new home for the label and all its talent, and subscribe.  There are some exciting things happening there!

  • A three-album collection of a frequent Quadrivalent collaborator has been made available there, spanning his lifelong musicianship.
  • A brand new artist is in the process of joining the QRV roster, and a debut single will drop later this month.
  • Finally, two new music videos for Mother’s Mistakes will become available in the coming months.

But after today, The Octopode will no longer host updates about QRV artists.  At least not most of them *wink*