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QRV Gets a New Home

Microphone cables trailing, shedding a tear while looking one last time into the rearview mirror, the trek is undertaken to a brand new home

Fresh Ear Candy for Your Hungry Head

Greetings everyone. Fond salutations. Fervent civilities.  And Happy National Mayonnaise Day.

I’m beaming to you today, in the midst of lockdown, direct from Biscuit Bend Studio in the capital region of New York. And I bring ear candy to spice up your day!

Outnumber the Living has finally released its debut album, Elegies for Solaris. It dropped just this morning and is available on dozens of platforms, just like all the other Quadrivalent/Biscuit Bend productions. And just like them, it is completely FREE at the Bandcamp site.

For now, there are no hard copies available. It is stream/download only and will stay that way as long as feasible. Get your copy now and share it with your friends!

Outnumber the Living @ Bandcamp


Stay safe, everyone. And let your creative side out. There’s never a time like now!

Check Out This Song!

Lately I’ve been posting a lot about ideas, notions I have about psychology and emotions, and doing a bit of complaining to soothe the itch.  But, this site is intended to be a sort of central nervous system for all my creative works, and there are a lot more of these than just the chatter I come up with and present to you, much appreciated followers.

As some of you know, I’m a musician.  If you take a stroll around The Octopode’s music menu you can find more information about that side of what I do.  Today I am debuting a Bandcamp storefront for one of the projects, called Nil Significant.  You can learn more about the project here, but first why not give it a listen?  Head to the Bandcamp page and listen for free!