There’s No Place Like Home

Ding! Dong! The witch is dead!

That is exactly how I feel. Except instead of “The witch is dead!”, it’s “The cover art is done!”

Graphic Art Wizardess Abbi K has worked extra-special magics into the cover for Shame The Devil. It’s been a learning experience for both of us (Did you know that DPI is graphic-artistinian for doggies-per-inch and is pronounced doopy? Now you do). You can see the front cover here, and you’ll have to trust me when I say the back cover and spine are equally awesome.

Or better yet, buy a copy!

Well, buy one when it becomes available. Which will be soon. Today I ordered my first galley proof, and I’m excited. When the mailman delivers it, I intend to take a knee and chant a song of praise in a deep, melodious baritone. When the glorious ray of sunshine wanes, I’ll take it inside where I can worship it further.

Then comes the incremental disappointment that comes with finding all the errors in the proof. But that’s what it’s for, after all. And when they’ve all been sorted out, the book can be translated for ebooks and slapped onto the worldwide market in both formats: electro-mah-jigger and pulpy-papery-slab. And then everyone runs to their computers and buys one!

The website is looking more snazzy lately as well. I upgraded a few pages, got some issues with image quality and alignment figured out. And I added the Misfortune 500, an idea I had for getting a bit of my writing style on the website, inviting participation from visitors (that’s you!) and of course, having a bit of fun.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to start plying Abbi for more artwork. I have a few publications planned for 2013 and as of right now, not a jot of art to jazz them up with.

Wish me luck!

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