Listen to This Song and I’ll Owe You a Hug

Fervent civilities, Earthling music fans! Today it is my great pleasure to announce new music that you can listen to, and it’s a real doozy this time. If I’ve disappointed you in the past with promises of enjoyable tunes that ended up making you say eeeeww I don’t like it, let me make it up to you. Indulge me just this once. Click, tap, lick, or dangle an appendage on this link:

In 2009 I formed a musical collaboration with a singer, a bassist, and a violinist, composed some highly likeable songs and played a few shows. The project ended a few years later, but I carried forward the hope that one day we would find a way to record the material and release an album. And now, a dozen years later and after a gargantuan effort on the part of four musicians who deeply believe in their work, it is finally happening.

I’m excited about this release for a number of reasons, including the fact that this may be the most accessible music I’ve ever pushed out into the world. A lot of the work I do (well, let’s be honest, pretty much all of it) is fairly niche and many would consider it too esoteric to be worth the effort to develop a taste for it.

I mean, I can’t ask a fan of 90s radio pop to listen to a sprawling, Cronenberg-inspired, 14 minute song categorized as movie soundtrack electro (Nil Significant – Multiformant Cynosure), or a fan of classic rock ballads to listen to a blackened progressive death metal song about the link between human astronomical curiosity and the aptitude to survive an inevitable manmade extinction event (Enantiodrome – Watchers of the Sky), or a fan of Top 40 hits to listen to a song with lyrics so controversial and offensive to some that we elected never to print them (Outnumber the Living – Grandfather, Lie Quietly With Me Beneath The Stars).

And don’t even get me started on the book I published in 2013 (Shame the Devil). Nothing alienates coworkers and acquaintances (and writing contest chances, book reviews, bookstore acceptance rates, etc . . . sigh) like a novel graphically depicting gruesome death and child violence.

But this album is different, I promise. Daybloom is highly accessible to music lovers, and I believe that you, yes you, will at the very least begrudgingly admit that it has something to offer. So please, pop in your earbuds, connect your bluetooth speaker or car stereo, or just mute the TV and turn your phone speaker up, and take in a few minutes of this:

Stay safe. Be excellent to each other.


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