November 2013

“The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.” -Jimi Hendrix

In exactly 500 words, what is happening here?

Michael Lejeune says:

bzrt—Is she here yet?”
“O’course she’s not here, the sun hasn’t even come up. She’s prolly indoors with some coffee in a cup.”
“No stupid, not the—bzrt—girl. The doll.”
“You guys…don’t really…think the doll is…coming…do you?”
“Why not? Cat, what do you think—bzrt—?”
“—bzrt—See? Even the cat thinks she’s coming.”
“The catter is a catter, what it thinks doesn’t matter. No offense, Mr. Meow.”
“The doll—bzrt—is coming. We talked to her when she was here. —bzrt—She agreed to do it. She doesn’t like the dog any more—bzrt—than we do. She’s big, you know? You saw. She’s—bzrt—made of canvas and stuffing. Dogs love pulling out stuffing. Right? Am I right?”
“Dogs will chew, yes it’s true. But what does it matter?”
“It matters because there are other dolls—bzrt—in the house. Remember—bzrt—? We saw them the day we got here. Don’t you think the dog got at least one—bzrt—of them?”
“That’s…really sad…I don’t…want…to think about it.”
“—bzrt—You shut up anyway. I didn’t ask you to—bzrt—think about it and I sure didn’t ask you to talk about it.”
“Either way things go this morning, things promise not to be boring. I must confess, my plasticky friends, it’s sure exciting. We may make amends!”
“That’s the—bzrt—spirit! Hurrah! Is the door unlocked? Hey, wishy—bzrt—washy, I’m talking to you.”
“Oh…yes…I already told…you.”
“And—bzrt—the car key?”
“It’s still here…on the…seat.”
“It seems our dreams are coming to fruition, I have an intuition, success will shine on our team’s ambition!”
“—bzrt—Did I ever tell you I love the way you—bzrt—talk?”
“All the time, friend o’mine. And I love the way you buzz, yes I does, yes I does.”
“What…will happen…when the doll…comes?”
“Don’t pretend you don’t know, you were there, you helped set the show.”
“It…gets in…the car?”
“In the car, where we are, behind the wheel, to seal the deal.”
“When—bzrt—the girl lets the dog out, the doll will start the car. When the dog runs—bzrt—in front of the car, we jump on the gearshift, putting it—bzrt—in drive. The doll hits the gas—”
“And the dog’s pinched against the garage door, no more chewy pup, no more.”
“What’s the matter, wishy-washy? —bzrt—You getting a weak stomach? You remember what the dog did to—bzrt—Squeezer, right?”
“—bzrt—And what did the dog do to him?”
“Chewed…him up…and ate…him.”
“Munch crunch, teeth and tongue, turned his body into dung.”
“And you know—bzrt—it’s done it to other dolls in the house. Unless it got the—bzrt—doll we talked to, she’ll come. Just before dawn, like we agreed—bzrt—.”
“But won’t…it make the…girl…sad?”
“—bzrt—Who cares?”
“What…if she…gets mad?”
“You think she’ll suspect us—bzrt—?”
“I…guess not.”
“Us? Caught? I think not.”

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