October 2016

“Every story has its demands.” -Clint Eastwood

In exactly 500 words, what is happening here?

Michael Lejeune says:

I told you guys already, I told you. Why do you keep making me say it? It hurts. I watched it happen. I saw her walk into the water.

We went to the ocean to get high. My buddy Gary—who’s he? I told you his name already, officer. Okay. Yeah, fine. I understand. Gary Vernon. From Albertsville. He’s the guy that sold me the acid. LSD. Whatever. I already ratted on him, for chrissakes. How many times do I gotta say his name?

Anyways Shelly and me drove all day to get here. Well, not here. The ocean. We’re from Utah. Salt Lake. Yeah she’s from there. Shelly Peterson. Two years. Huh? High school. We met in English class. Gary gave her my number. She said I was cute. I dunno why, fuck you that’s why.

Alright, alright, nevermind. I’m sorry. Is that what you want? I’m sorry man.

We got here at midnight. Only place we stopped was Dunkin Donuts. No, we got gas in Nevada. Carson City. I don’t remember the address. I don’t get it, why do you keep asking me that? Who the fuck remembers the address of a gas station they stopped at? I bought cigarettes. The clerk was an Apu. You know, an Indian guy. I don’t know. He had a dot on his forehead. Looked like an asshole, if you ask me.

Dunkin was for donuts. Or donut holes I guess. The little balls. She likes the blueberry ones. They’re open all night.

We parked on the side of the road where the sand starts. Yeah, Old Rey or whatever you said, I don’t know the road name. It’s the one with Maggie’s Lunch on it. No, are you serious? We didn’t go to Maggie’s Lunch. I just saw the sign. It was midnight, man. C’mon.

We took the hits in the car. Stamps. The acid—LSD, was in little bits of paper—c’mon guys you know what an acid stamp is. You put it under your tongue. We had seven. She took four, I took the rest.

I dunno, we thought we might fuck around I guess. I wanted to. I made jokes about getting sand in her… You know. Inside her. Her vagina. Fuck man why you gotta make me say everything out. There’s only three of us in here and you two both know what I was talking about. Yeah yeah the recording. Whatever… I don’t have an attorney man, what are you talking about?

No we didn’t. Have sex. We didn’t have sex. Acid makes you not want to. Or able. I don’t know. We just watched the waves. She said she was part of the ocean. It was deep. Heh. I guess that’s kind of funny. I mean, profound. She said the ocean is a border and she was from the other side. She said she was going back. And then she did. Right when the sun came up. I just watched.

Oh god, I just watched.

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