Michael Lejeune Published in UK!

*in a Professor Farnsworth voice* Good news everyone!

My story “Brother of Death” is being featured in UK horror magazine Morpheus Tales for a second time, in their anthology The Best Weird Fiction Volume 6. It’s an honor to have my name listed in a publication alongside well-known horror authors like Craig Saunders, Ty Schwamberger, Matt Leyshon, Michelle Ann King, Stephen McQuiggan, Joe Mynhardt, Richard Farren Barber, Lee Clark Zumpe, A.A. Garrison, and more.

You can snag a printed book here ($6-$7):


Or an ebook here ($4):


Spread the word!  Morpheus Tales has been publishing quality horror fiction from up-and-comers and established names alike for years, in a market where most publications collapse after a short run.

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