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Grisly Snippets

Isn’t it funny how life has a way of killing you?

Sometimes it’s all we can do to stay afloat and stay alive. And, well, I just did a little of that and have returned to not tell the story!

But I have other stories for you. Such delights, my pretties. I have a story about a man who visits his dying grandmother only to find that she has forgotten the family secret and is terrified of its evidence on her own body. I have another about a hidden town, tucked away from society and charged with the task of keeping The Easter Bunny – or rather the creature that spawned the legend – from spawning young. I have tales of woes from average Joes, stories of schmoes beaten with hoes, severed toes and a witness that knows, and um…more of those.

And it’s all on its way, but first I MUST get the final edit of Shame The Devil out and available for you all to sample its wonders. The good news is this is very close.

For now, enjoy this month’s Misfortune 500, a grisly snippet centered around a jar of yummy peanuts and sugar and salt and oil…

Stories are Up

And lo! It was a gargantuan effort of HTML — but the Short Fiction section now contains listings for all the short stories I’ve managed to bamboozle an editor into accepting for publication so far. Going back to the sites of the publications is always anxious business – the old issues often disappear. What’s worse is when the entire mag disappears too.

Links for stories are in there, along with four pieces of art that were associated with the story (except in the case of Queen Kathleen, where I added the nicely appropriate issue cover art).

The editor of Morpheus Tales, the delicious British mag that published Brother of Death, let me know that Issue 18 will be the last printed. From now on the mag will be digital only. I received a hard copy in the mail a couple weeks ago, and it looks great. Morpheus Tales was the first publication I’ve ever actually received a contributor’s print copy of the mag from – though not the first to promise me one. There’s a fantastic Giger-esque cover for it, too. You can get your own copy for about 8 US bucks here.