Check Out Yet Another Song!

If you caught my last two blog posts, you know that I have attached new Bandcamp storefronts to The Octopode, for a couple music projects of mine. CDs are up for sale, digital downloads are available, and most importantly free streaming is up and running 24/7.

Today I am opening up yet another one for your listening pleasure. This one may be a bit less accessible to some of you, as it is, well, metal. Most folks musically involved with me know me as a metal guitarist, and a lot of my music is in that vein. Today I am publishing a Bandcamp page for Son of Mourning, my melodic death metal band. Well, SoM used to be my band, but it was disbanded and reincarnated as Outnumber the Living, my current live performance endeavor. The singer, drummer, and I (guitars) are in OtL.

The tracks available for free listening were recorded offsite at a pro studio rather than by myself at Biscuit Bend. You may notice a polished sheen to the production. We’re all very proud of this work and continue to sell albums of it at Outnumber the Living shows, since the music sounds substantially the same.

So check out the Son of Mourning storefront and listen to a song or two. The site is mobile-friendly, so plug in your earbuds and crank it when you go jogging or biking or murdering or whatever you do to get your exercise. It’s quick, heavy, melodic stuff. Should get you going just fine 🙂

2 thoughts on “Check Out Yet Another Song!

  1. Just listened to ‘In the Tameness of a Wolf’. There’s some good stuff going on here, especially the guitar work. I wish you well in getting your projects known.

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