Check Out This Song, part 4: The Quickening

I hope you’ve been following my recent posts, where I’ve debuted sections of The Octopode and new Bandcamp pages for some of my music projects. More are to come, but for now I’m going to give a final debut before I go back to using this forum for philosophizing and complaining (which I know you love).

If you missed out on the last few posts, here’s the links to the pages where you can stream the audio for free:

Nil Significant – electronic music, symphonic, soundtrack, dirge
Orphic Elegy – folk, rock, world music
Son of Mourning – melodic death metal

And finally (for now, more is coming), I am publishing Enantiodrome, my death metal project. Blackened, progressive, whatever you’d like to call it, subgenres are myriad and fuzzy. Plus, combined with the EP available for streaming, download, and purchase, are the recorded songs of proto-Enantiodrome band A Skin For Dancing In. As always, I try to give a good value.

So head on over to the Enantiodrome Bandcamp page and take a listen to the song Eviscurbate. You can tell your friends you listened to death metal today. Or if you already listen to death metal, you can tell your friends you listened to good death metal today. Artsy stuff. You’ll totally get cred.

Some weeks ago, this project was tapped by small, Polish, underground metal record label Via Nocturna. They inquired with us about working on a release for distribution worldwide, along with a promotion package etc. Really putting the project on the map. We were overjoyed, but sadly it wasn’t the right deal for the group. Having only a single EP, no real photography, videos, or even shows, pretty much makes it futile to try to hype the record. The best we could hope for is a review that says, “These guys sound good, looking forward to hearing a full length effort from them.”

So that opportunity is shelved at least until we have a solid LP to offer. However, it was really great to get some actual cred from the real underground metal scene. These are the guys who take it very seriously, and love the music like Garfield loves lasagna. My other efforts (even the metal ones) have yet to catch the ear of a music subculture exclusive enough of the mainstream to have a high concentration of the types of audiophiles that rabidly acquire, trade, and promote unknown artists.

Hopefully we’ll be able to submit something to catch some ears at home and abroad in the reasonable future. For now, check out the Bandcamp page and have a listen to a band whose name is only getting started in metal, but will be well known before long. You heard it here first, at The Octopode!

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