New Short Story: The Visitor

Greetings, Octopodians!

Today’s blog post is mercifully short, because I have a special treat for you: a story!

The Short Fiction section of The Octopode has been sadly deficient for a long time due to the eventual demise of almost all the mags I’ve published in. I am currently working on a book of short stories with all of those works and a bunch of new ones, but aside from that, the only thing I’ve been able to offer in the way of short tales is the Misfortune 500, where I pair micro stories with random pictures (check it out!).

So today I am publishing a short story right here on The Octopode for the very first time. At around 1800 words, it’s shorter than some of my blog entries. Why not give it a read and slap me some thoughts? Critique, maybe?

Without further introduction, head on over and read The Visitor.

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